Sep 20, 2014

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are for wandering. . .

. . . for morning dew

. . .for flowers the color of sunshine

. . . for wild, golden tipped grasses

. . . for cool breezes, sunshine on shoulders, birdsong

. . . and one good dog by my side.

. .

Apr 8, 2014


Errrr. . . Happy New Year!
I took these pictures bright and early on New Year's morning. (Well, not so bright as you can see.)  It was a beautiful, grey, misty dawn--one of my most favorite settings to photograph.

My favorite way to start off a new year is to wake up very early and get out on a trail somewhere.
This particular trail was perfect and it being super early on New Year's day, Lexi and I had the place almost to ourselves.  I had time to wander and think.  To think about the past year. The mistakes (quite a few), the blessings (way more than I could ever deserve), the plans that worked out and the ones that didn't.  The chances I took and the fears that kept me from taking the chances I should have.
I had time to think about the year to come. The things I want to be different and the things I hope remain constant.  The person I want to become.  The ways I'm going to push myself towards my dreams and goals for my future.

It was a good walk and the most me way to start off a year.
And this post being 4 months late in the posting is sadly, very me too.  : )

Dec 21, 2013

Sepia Tone Morning

This morning I took Lexi to a place we love to walk in the summer. I realized we had never been there in the winter. In summer, it is lush and vibrant and colorful and beautiful--echoing with birdsong and the rustling of little critters in the underbrush.

How different it looks in winter. It is stark and sparse and serene and still beautiful. The birds still sing there, but it doesn't sound so carefree now. There's a tone of earnestness--the search for those elusive berries of summer a little more intense.

     Now I'm off to fill up my bird feeders.